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Starting the third Sunday evening of each July, the Nishna Church of Christ puts great emphasis on VBS each year. Using the puppet team to teach our lessons in an interactive setting, where the kids get to speak to the puppets and be entertained while learning about Jesus and the Bible, VBS is very important to us. Be sure to get your kids signed up for our upcoming VBS starting July 21st 2013

Using the puppets in an interactive teaching has helped us get the message across to the children at Vacation Bible school and keep it interesting as well.

Crafts, are a big part of our Vacation Bible School, this year the crafts will also be a part of service projects the children will be sharing with Christians in other parts of the world.

Being a part of the Lord's Army was the theme for the Vacation Bible School 2012, this year the theme is Adventure of Promise Island, the children will learn about God's Promises and be entertained with puppets, games, crafts and food all fitting into our theme of a tropical island